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Bridging the Gap between the Present and the Future

For this project we were asked to design a biofuel research facility and carbon refinery to be located at the East Bend Power Station near Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Researchers at the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER), presented us with their work regarding the recycling of carbon generated by coal-fired power plants.  The general idea was to use the carbon by product to feed a population of algae. This algae would be grown in tubes through which the carbon could be pumped, and would eventually be harvested and used to create biofuels. 

The research facility was to include a reception area, two laboratory spaces, a green house, some general office spaces, and a workshop area.  My project in particular emphasized the idea of "bridging the gap" between the present of energy resources and the future.  The facility is located between the power plant and the acres of algae, with the tube conveying the carbon running through a central courtyard.  Buildings and functions are separated into distinct buildings, with walkways between them serving as both means of circulation, and opportunities for various disciplines to mingle and share ideas.

East Bend Carbon Refinery: Bio
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